From Preparation to Roasting

Drying, peeling, sorting and packing – before they are shipped, both cherry coffee prepared by the dry method, and parchment coffee prepared by the wet process must be further processed in the pulper.

All residues are removed from the bean in a peeling step carried out in a device or in the open. In the case of the coffee prepared according to the wet method this is the parchment shell and the silver skin, in the case of the coffee prepared by the dry process the residues of the dried pulp are also removed. The peel is either broken by pressure in the peeling machines or detached from the bean by centrifuging. After the numerous cleaning and sorting steps throughout the preparation process the fi nal selection and classifi cation of the beans follow the peeling process. During sorting by hand or with the help of electrical or mechanical sorting machines the last remaining residues are removed from the coffee beans and they are sorted by size, density and colour. The coffee, which has now been separated by quality, is then fi lled into sacks or shipped in containers as bulk material and can embark on its journey to the roasting plant.

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