Arturo Spicocchis Lamb loin with coffee, onions and capers

In Avelengo, near Merano, in the middle of a forest and surrounded by fields and mountains, the San Luis Private Retreat Hotel & Lodges was opened in early December 2015. A unique place of timeless beauty in the style of a luxurious mountain village offering authenticity and warmth and security, and going back to the basics – giving its guests the opportunity to take a proper rest. For the Meister family, who are looking back at a long hotel tradition in Merano and who implemented a longstanding vision with this extraordinary project, it was only too natural to get a star chef for this special retreat. The idea is to process products – some home-grown – with their natural properties and with a focus on the essentials. The result: country cuisine with Mediterranean flavours, a guarantee for irresistible compositions.

Ingredients for 2
400gdeboned lamb ribs
1red onions
2white onions
1stalk of celery
2glasses of red port
2glasses of white port
10coffee beans
50 gdesalted and deep-fried capers
100 gsmall Borettane onions
100 gred wine vinegar
100 mlwater
100 gsugar for sweet-and-sour onions
30 gsugar for small white wine onions
Rosemary, garlic, salt

Lamb gravy

Debone loin from ribs.

To make stock of carrots, celery and one white onion, fry in seed oil and add bones cooked in oven.

Pour port over ingredients and leave to evaporate; only just cover with water and simmer for an hour; then pour through a filter.

Reduce and add salt, if needed, then thicken with starch.

As soon as the sauce has cooled down, add coffee beans, bring to the boil and leave to stand.

Sweet-and-sour onions

Cut red onion into eight pieces.

Mix water, vinegar and 100 g sugar and bring to the boil.

Remove from the hob, add onion, leave to cool.

White onion puree

Cut onion into thin rings, cook in little butter at low heat.

Add water and boil until soft, then puree.

Small white wine onions

Brown the onions in little oil.

Add 30 g sugar and salt, caramelise, then pour white port over onions.

Add water and bring to the boil. Add a little butter to make them shine.


Heat seed oil with rosemary and garlic, then remove these and raise the temperature.

Add salt to the meat and brown well on all sides, then finish cooking in the oven at 170°C for approx. 10 minutes or longer.

Arrange everything on a plate following your creative inspiration.

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