Coffee Granita
Coffee Granita

The “Das Alte Rathaus” hotel in the historic centre of the small market town of Egna was based on the wish to breathe new life into the historic building. Markus Göller, who was bubbling over with new ideas, was decisively involved in the overall concept and now runs both the three-star hotel with its thirteen elegant rooms and the associated “Ristorante Piazzetta” restaurant. Gourmets come here to enjoy a fine selection of delicious dishes from the Italian and Mediterranean-Alpine cuisine. Markus Göller and his team also please their guests with very special coffee creations.


Servers: 10 For the granita:
700 ml espresso from arabica beans

Pour the coffee into a plastic container and freeze it. The next day finely grate the frozen coffee with a grater.


For the ice cream:
800 ml milk
200 mlespresso from arabica beans
300 grammsugar
200 grammegg yolk

Bring the milk and the coffee to the boil, in the meantime whisk the egg yolks with the sugar. Blend the two masses together and bring them to a temperature of 80 degrees for a few minutes. Leave the mixture to cool, put it into the icemaker.

Maple syrup

Fill serving glasses ¾ full with the granita, add a scoop of coffee ice cream, pour maple syrup over it and serve.

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