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The customers’ magazine “Coffee Times” provides an insight into the world of coffee, offering you the latest news from Schreyögg in two issues per year, of course, including interesting information on coffee, course offers, practical tips and a lot more round the “cult beverage” of coffee.

Coffee Times | Issue 14

This year, the German national football team once again held its official training camp in South Tyrol for the 2018 World Cup, more precisely on the training grounds of the FC Südtirol. In the media centre and in the bar -catering area, apart from numerous other products from South Tyrol, coffee pod specialties from the coffee roasting company Schreyögg were served. Coffee pods are generally enjoying increasing popularity not only among athletes – the large number of events where pod coffee was served in the past season bear witness to this development.
Therefore, we will present a special starter model in this edition of the Coffee Times. Our pod coffee machine is not only convincing due to its design, but also due to its easy handling and high quality, which may make it suitable for you, if you like this simple way to prepare coffee. And, since our pod product line is so popular,
we have extended it by adding another high-quality organic and Fairtrade espresso blend. But more about this in our “Shop Window” section.
The “Kunst & Kulinarik” festival in St. Anton in Austria, where the coffee roasting company Schreyögg once again provided coffee specialties for the meals, means a lot to me personally. This time, Eckart Witzigmann, the highly appreciated “Chef of the Century”, who created the espresso “Artista” with us last year, was involved this time around too. St. Anton is always an experience, a culinary firework on the highest level, and we feel that it is an honour to be there. Since this is something I cannot stop thinking about, the practical tips of the Coffee Times are again about drinking vessels. This time, we will go into the details about the benefits of the popular material of glass.

But now enjoy reading, take care, and as always, I hope you will continue enjoying your favourite coffee of choice!

Peter Schreyögg

Coffee Times | Issue 12

At the beginning there was an idea. It took shape, when we met Eckart Witzigmann in St. Anton last year. It was on the occasion of his 75th birthday, which he celebrated with colleagues and companions at the Kunst & Kulinarik Festival in St. Anton am Arlberg, where the coffee specialties from the Coffee roasting company Schreyögg were served as a very exclusive treat.

In the course of an intensive exchange the idea emerged to get together to create a coffee blend; an idea which rapidly took shape and developed to become the highlight of the year; after all the 3-star and chef of the century Eckart Witzigmann is rightly seen as the measure of all things in culinary matters. When it comes to quality and precision he is just as uncompromising as the Coffee roasting company Schreyögg – so that everybody involved soon agreed on the direction to take in the subsequent discussions. Because only outstanding highland coffee varieties would be considered for this special blend, we travelled to Nicaragua to select the best beans.

The result is well worth tasting: Why not just try the “Caffè Espresso Artista” and enjoy the unique harmony and balanced flavour just as Eckart Witzigmann likes it.

We wish you a nice autumn and winter and – as always – enjoy your soothing coffee.

Peter Schreyögg

Coffee Times | Issue 11

Raw material, preparation, equipment … when it comes to coffee, all these and other factors are inseparably linked. This is why the few, but skilful movements are important for the preparation of this popular hot beverage. Neglecting them would mean to give up on the optimum result in the cup – and who would want that? One of these little movements is the so-called tamping pressure, also called tamping, and this is just what this issue of the Coffee Times discusses in somewhat greater detail. Apart from that, we look at topics such as fair trade, sustainability, ecological farming and support for smallholders using local cooperatives, which are becoming more and more important in the production of the coffee roasting company Schreyögg; thus, two more of the most popular products for the home are now also available in organic quality and from certified sustainable agriculture.

It is certainly also in your interest that the coffee roasting company Schreyögg keeps developing in this area as well.

We wish you a nice spring and summer – and first and foremost, as always, enjoy your soothing coffee.
Your Peter Schreyögg

Coffee Times | Issue 10

You have probably wondered on various occasions why you like your coffee best from a particular cup. This is nothing strange. Like for wine glasses, there are certain rules to be borne in mind when it comes to the selection of the right drinking vessel.

If you want to drink perfect coffee, it is not only the method of its preparation that must be right, the coffee cup should also meet certain criteria - an underestimated, yet significant point, since after all an unsuitable drinking vessel can affect the flavour of coffee quite considerably.

The many preparation methods and types of coffee do not exactly make it easy to find the appropriate bowl; and any coffee roaster who takes their work seriously would always keep thinking about the many different shapes of accessories apart from his basic work. The selection of the material may be the easiest problem to solve, since only few substances, first and foremost porcelain, are really suitable for a cup to drink from.

Therefore, one of the topics of the latest issue of the Coffee Times is this often neglected, yet relevant, question.

On this note! Take it easy – I hope you will enjoy the coffee beverage of your choice from your favourite cup!

Peter Schreyögg

Coffee Times | Issue 9

The aromatic breakfast beverage of coffee is part and parcel of the breakfast area of any establishment – from the smallest boarding house to the largest hotel. In the morning, coffee has a positively stimulating effect, it supplies energy and ensures a good start into the day. Of course, it is a matter of personal preference which coffee beverage a guest prefers in the morning. Espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, café crème or the traditional filter coffee which is indispensable in this sector – the choice is huge.

So a good breakfast buffet does not only have to offer maximum variety, the different buffet appliances also contribute to the perfection of each cup of different lengths with their sometimes highly sensitive technology. Technical flexibility is of utmost importance, after all the machine and the coffee have to work in perfect synergy. The latest issue of the Coffee Times focuses on this topic, because it is of particular significance for Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg. It also covers the coffee trip to Costa Rica by which Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg and the readers of the Coffee Times supported the “Südtirol hilft” aid organisation – and a lot more.

As always, we hope you will enjoy reading the Coffee Times.

Peter Schreyögg

Coffee Times | Issue 8

Dear customers and coffee lovers,
2015 is a very special year for Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg, since we are celebrating our 125th anniversary. We want to take the opportunity of this company anniversary and express our great gratitude to all our customers, employees and business partners, many of whom have long been accompanying our company.
We devote large parts of this issue of the Coffee Times to the history of Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg – a history which we think is quite impressive in these rather shortlived times.
A few days ago I came across a statement which to me is the core statement of whatconstitutes Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg: “Enterpreneurial vision and lived responsibility, this is the stuff of which successfulcompany stories are made.” Every single day we face this responsibility with great pleasure and enthusiasm, so as to always offer you, our appreciated customers, the best quality and service possible.
Lived philosophy means appreciating tradition and experience – only then can full satisfaction be guaranteed with enjoying a good cup of coffee. We are sure that this concept will also hold in the future.

Coffee Times | Issue 7

Of course, we basically advise our customers and baristas to always grind their coffee beans in a professional coffee grinder just before using them. But it is particularly in a smaller context – e.g. at home and at the office, but also in smaller catering operations – that the trend product of the espresso pod has become very successful.
The advantages of these “cialde”, as they are called in Italian, are obvious: simple, quick and always tasty, the pods packaged into convenient individual portions can be made without much ado. There are professional pod machines, which are mainly used in the events and catering industries; for their preparation in a traditional espresso machine a single portafilter is required.

Read more about this type of coffee making and, of course, other exciting topics in this new edition of our Coffee Times. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Coffee Times | Issue 6

The new issue of the Coffee Times is devoted to the topic of automatic coffee machines, and they can be really tricky. Having gathered many years of experience and expertise with coffee we want to take this opportunity to share part of our knowhow of this highly sensitive and innovative technology with you. By the way, we gained a considerable amount of our insight from the ongoing exchange of expertise with our manufacturers, and this goes into the development of suitable blends for automatic coffee machines. With all the technical finesse the focus should, after all, be on enjoyment and the aim to achieve a perfect result in the cup. Whether an establishment wants to use only portafi lters – the “classical” bar espresso machine – or automatic coffee machines depends, of course, mainly on the circumstances and requirements, but there are many good reasons in favour of a fully automatic coffee machine.

As always I hope you will enjoy reading this issue!

Coffee Times | Issue 5

Among other things this issue of the Coffee Times focuses on fair trade. The worldwide increase in fair trade has become an almost indispensable part of the coffee industry. The Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg makes a contribution to better production conditions in the countries of origin with a certified espresso blend of high-quality coffee. The excellent “Aurum” espresso immediately caught on with our customers.
Fair trade coffee is not just about the implementation of the idea of a blend, but also mainly about emphasising an attitude to fair trade. Being a high-quality coffee roaster, the Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg has to rely on quality that is grown, harvested and offered on the market. Therefore, we support fair trade.

But why don’t you try it yourself – we hope you will enjoy tasting it, and, as always, reading the Coffee Times!

Coffee Times | Issue 4

The eye enjoys the beautiful things in life, so one creates a very special experience for one’s guests by serving them a macchiato, cappuccino or latte macchiato with an unusual decoration. In order to teach the highly appreciated baristas this art, Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg has been offering LatteArt seminars since the beginning of this year, which have proved to be very popular. Even we often cannot help marveling, when we watch the masters of milk frothing doing their work and see the true works of art which can be created with milk. Therefore, may this fourth issue of Coffee Times inspire you with the many possibilities of the creative art of milk frothing to please your guests with a coffee which is a delight to both the palate and the eye.

As always, we hope you will enjoy reading this magazine!

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