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Not only of interest for maths freaks....

Not only of interest for maths freaks – how many macchiati or cappuccini does one litre of milk make, and how many espressi can be made of one kilogram of coffee?

Many will have asked themselves this question before, and it is obvious also to the layperson: of course, the exact number of macchiati, but especially of cappuccini, depends also on the cup size and the quantity of espresso used. It may, however, seem surprising that the protein content of the milk (3.5% is assumed as an average) and the way in which it is heated also have a bearing on these quantities – while the fat content is irrelevant in this respect, after all it is just a fl avour carrier. Therefore, it should be mentioned that creamy milk foam with a silky structure is preferable over overheated and, thus, fi rm and mouldable milk foam – socalled building foam. This is not easy to calculate for macchiato, since the milk – as the name of the beverage suggests – should only “stain” the espresso, it is nevertheless often decorated with an excessive quantity of milk. With a cup of 80 ml it may, however, be assumed that one litre of milk will make approx. 30 macchiati. One litre of milk makes about ten classical cappuccini of 180 ml, based on espressi of 25 ml. The question how many espressi there are in one kilogram of coffee is easier to answer: Since the ideal quantity per cup is 7 g of coffee powder, the coffee lover can enjoy as many as 143 cups of the dark beverage.

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