Pod machine and detailed views

To help you serve your customers with a professional pod system, Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg has especially included coffee machines for the catering business in its programme, which, of course, meet the E.S.E. standard.

The machine’s advantages are obvious – it is not only easy to operate and clean, it reaches and maintains the exact temperature required for the quality in the cup. It takes only a few minutes to heat the machine, after which the coffee pod can be inserted into the filter. As soon as the green control lamp indicates that the machine is ready, the heated water is pressed through the powder at a pressure of 9 to 10 bar at the push of a button. Even the desired cup length is determined by just pressing a button. For the preparation of the coffee it is mainly important to stick to the instructions, because this is the only way to achieve a really perfect result.
Going for a pod machine means easier coffee making in many respects. It saves time and helps avoid product loss. The coffee pod can be used immediately, and it also protects the flavour and provides optimum portions and cleanliness – all because packaged individually. The degree of grinding, weight and pressure are always perfect, so they provide an optimum result; the pods are also convincing with their extreme freshness, since they are wrapped in airtight packaging in a protective atmosphere, and their application is guaranteed to be hygienic.
The easy extension of the coffee menu is another benefit, conventional espresso can be used just like decaffeinated coffee, there are no limits to the possible variants.
Cleaning the pod machine is just as easy. For the external housing and the steel parts it is recommended to use soft cloths to avoid scratching. Cleaning agents, scouring powders, solvents and wire wool should, however, not be used. If the machine is not used continuously, the filter should be cleaned after the last cup, if possible. For this purpose the coffee button is pressed with the lid closed and without a pod being inserted for about 2 to 3 seconds. Where there is no regular water supply, the water tank should be filled with fresh water regularly. Apart from that, the filter should be cleaned thoroughly at regular intervals – a screwdriver can be used to remove it. The filter must be replaced, when some first wear and tear appears.
The outlet tank and the drip tray for liquids should be cleaned at least once a week. And please, for your own safety, remember that the machine should always be disconnected from the mains during cleaning operations.

1. Removable pod filter
2. Inserted coffee pod
3. Outlet tank with drip tray

4. Water tank lid
5. Removable water tank
6. Water cartridge

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