Storing coffee

Coffee is a delicate natural and fresh product. Therefore, it should be used up as quickly as possible after the package has been opened.

Once a coffee package has been opened, the inevitable exposure to oxygen causes increasing loss of flavour every single day. Other external influences, such as heat, moisture, aromatic substances and strong light have an additional negative effect on the quality of the coffee. Therefore, it should be stored in a cool and dark place, and we would absolutely advise against keeping open packages or unsealed packages in the fridge. Coffee takes on different odours from other food extremely quickly. Therefore, coffee should be protected from moisture to preserve the full flavour. The following points should be taken into account for storage:

Storage of Beans

The package of beans is provided with an aroma protection valve, so that their natural degassing process occurs, but no more oxygen can enter. With the packaging closed, the coffee essentially preserves its quality over several months. Coffee beans should always be ground just before preparation, because otherwise numerous flavours will evaporate earlier. So the less time there is between the grinding and the preparation, the more aroma will there be in the final cup. Since coffee absorbs moisture from the surrounding air, changes in the air must also be carefully observed. With considerable changes in air moisture the degree of coffee grind may have to be readjusted. Ground coffee is always more susceptible to absorbing moisture than whole beans.

Maintenance of the Coffee Grinder

Since the maintenance of the coffee grinder makes a decisive contribution to the preservation of the aroma and thus to the quality of a good coffee, it is of great importance that the bean hopper, coffee powder container and dosing star be thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Daily routine actions for a perfect espresso and to avoid loss of aroma

The bean hopper should only be filled with the quantity actually needed for each day. To prevent loss of aroma transfer it just before starting the day’s business. Check the adjustment of the grinding degree by preparing an espresso of 25 ml in 25 seconds (reference values for portafilter machines); finally check the mobility of the dosing star and the quantity of coffee. Eventually the grinding discs should be replaced when the grinding performance clearly deteriorates or when the result is very powdery and the grinding is very noisy.

Storage of ground coffee

Vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of coffee considerably; ground roasted coffee is mainly packaged in packages of 250 g and 1000 g. Once a package has been opened, again: the coffee should be used up quickly. To limit oxygen supply the coffee should be left in the opened original packaging and closed airtight, best of all in a tin impervious to light with a good seal, which is stored in a dry and cool place. Transferring the coffee powder into other containers provokes the formation of fats and essential oils, which cause a rancid taste.

What is the shelf life of coffee?

Like any produce coffee also has a best by date, but this mainly refers to the aroma. Coffee cannot really expire, because it is a dry product. The first loss of aroma occurs after several months, which is why coffee should preferably be used up within a year. After all there is nothing more enjoyable for the coffee lover than freshly ground beans – for an aroma which isunsurpassable.

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