Tradition since 1890

From Specialty Shop to Coffee Specialist
From Specialty Shop to Coffee Specialist

On 6 June 1960 a new, bigger roasting machine was installed in the Meraner Arcades, with which 45 kg coffee could be roasted per batch from now on. This meant that the coffee business could be expanded considerably over the following years.

Schreyögg 125 Years
Schreyögg 125 Years

“My relationship with coffee is rooted
in a tradition over several generations,
which my father taught me.”

This is how Peter Schreyögg sees his work – and by saying so he builds a bridge from the present to the past. The past, that was in 1890, when Peter Schreyögg’s grandfather, Josef Schreyögg, the founder of the company (top row, 3rd from left), implemented his idea of opening a delicatessen in Merano
– thereby laying the foundation for the company as we know it today. The name Schreyögg was soon to stand for gourmet products in the Burggrafenamt region: quality and service have been of central significance and inseparably
linked with each other from the start. The people of Merano would soon be spoiled by exclusive products from all over the world, and the delicatessen established itself as a reliable source of food, also for the catering industry.
Meanwhile coffee expert Josef Schreyögg specialised more and more on the dark bean. Quite open to technical progress, he installed the first electric coffee roasting machine in 1905, an extremely modern and high tech process at the
time; and this development resulted in the art of roasting and blending being the main focus and the true strength of Schreyögg to this day.

From the beginnings to the present and beyond
1890In Merano merchant Josef Schreyögg opens a delicatessen with colonial goods and coffee from all over the world. The shop is in what is now the Volksbank building on Kornplatz. Due to the special range of products the people of Merano were soon to speak of the exotic in the heart of the Alps.
1905Announced with great enthusiasm by the local press on 15 October 1905 the commissioning of the first electric coffee roasting machine. Later the people of Merano would still remember the times when “old” Schreyögg had his roasting house under the ‘Berglauben’ and the smell of freshly roasted coffee wafted through the lanes.
1913In the price list for 1913/14 “Schreyögg’s special blend” is advertised, “this blend compiled with particular care, which is a specialty of my shop, should satisfy the most delicate palate with respect to taste and flavour”.
1915On 04 May 1915 Josef Schreyögg dies after a long illness. In the local newspaper Maiser Wochenblatt he is acknowledged as an extremely hard-working, visionary, highly respected and popular businessman. His children took over the two delicatessens in Merano.
1945 After World War II Josef Paul Schreyögg, son of the company’s founder, becomes the sole director of the company and gets the business going again after the interruption.
1960In the sixties travelling to the traditional spa becomes affordable for the general public, which also has an effect on the demand for food. On the 6th of July 1960 a larger roasting machine is installed in the Berglauben, in order to cope with the increase in the volume of deliveries. From now on 45 kg of coffee can be roasted per batch.
1966The original – and present – company logo is created according to the design of a famous artist, Franz Lenhart, probably based on a friendship with the company’s owner; at least this can be taken from the comments on the original drawings. Over time the logo is modified several times, but always retains its very own character.
1970-1985A step into specialisation is made with an exclusive focus on the production of high-quality coffee specialties from now on.
1981After his father Josef Paul’s death, Peter Schreyögg takes over the family business at the age of 21. Despite the tough competition in the Italian coffee industry, the market share of Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg is not just maintained, but even increased. The main target group is the local catering and hotel industry, supermarket chains are of no significance at this point in time.
1982Introduction of the company’s own technical service to provide comprehensive service to customers as a one-stop shop. From now on the closely linked processes of coffee production, machines and the mill are centrally controlled.
1983New design of the packaging line. The new corporate design extends to all advertising materials, company vehicles and fair trade appearances.
1985The old ‘Laubenhaus’ can no longer meet the requirements of the business, so that after almost 100 years the company’s place of business is moved to the Passer industrial zone.
1987Moving into the new company building, opening ceremony on 14 February. The press carries the headline “Schreyögg Moved Out of Old Town”. To do justice to environmental protection, a complex filter system contributes to the reduction of exhaust gases and smoke emissions. Modern machinery is introduced, but the traditional drum roasting method is still applied.
1997Schreyögg is expanding further, as an exhibitor at the biggest international food trade fair, the ANUGA in Cologne, with its own product line for the export business.
2000Another bottleneck in Merano results in planning the new building in Parcines – construction work starts on 27 October 2000. “Schreyögg is coming”, as a newspaper of the community reports.
2001In March 2001 the new building in Rablà is started and completed in record time. The company moves in on 26 November 2001.
2002On 2 March the official opening ceremony takes place in connection with an open day. More than 1000 guests from Italy and abroad participate in the festivities. Moving from Merano to Parcines also supports quality optimisation and assurance.
2004Presentation of the new packaging line. Due to the strong export business, particularly in specialist trade, it has become necessary to distinguish the various coffee blends by different colours, so that the end customer can recognize his/her product on the shelf immediately.
2006To meet market requirements, coffee pods are added to the range of products. A new production machine makes production control possible.
2010Revision of the packaging line with a focus on the brand and the logo.
2012Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg becomes a permanent training centre. The purpose of the “permanent training centres” of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters is to promote and convey the culture of coffee. The courses of the training centre provide expertise and practical training and attract much attention. Latte art courses are particularly popular.
2013It is out of conviction that the first espresso blend of Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg from fair trade is created. Organisations such as Fairtrade make a significant contribution to supporting the disadvantaged all over the world in order to strengthen the global balance.
2015125 years of Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg, today one of the leading family businesses in South Tyrol and beyond. Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg convinces with quality and attracts customers with its diversity.

Coffee production is a very special craft and requires much practice. It takes years of experience to acquire the knowledge required and the ability to discover and understand the diversity found in coffee. As a natural product coffee is influenced by, and depends on, many factors, so that it is just the more important to be able to assess the product in its raw condition, to adjust the roasting process to it, to be able to assess and design the flavour, in order to reach perfection in the cup. A wealth of experience gathered over the years and decades is the basis and strength of the company.

The coffee roasting company with its long tradition is run by Peter Schreyögg in the 3rd generation. He personally takes care of the purchase of the raw produce, production and sales. Together a team of specialists in production, technicians for coffee machines, administrative staff and a sales team in Italy and abroad ensure the continuous growth of the company.

The production of high-quality espresso our specialty. Our broad range of coffees developed over the decades to accommodate the taste and requirements of customers, however, also comprises very fine filter coffee blends for breakfast consumption, special organic coffees, vending machine coffee as an allround coffee as well as decaffeinated espresso.

The products are mainly marked by their good digestibility and balanced properties, which the end-user describes as soothing. Extreme care from the bean to the cup. For our excellent coffee blends we exclusively purchase “specialties“ from selected plantations, which meet strictest criteria, and improve them by applying every trick in the “art of roasting”. The result is consistent quality, which we achieve by our special roasting process as well as complex blending ratios.

Latest Sales Equipment
Latest Sales Equipment

The price list 1913/14 of Josef Schreyögg’s coffee roasting company advertises its products with the latest technology.

Schreyögg Spices and Delicatessen Shop
Schreyögg Spices and Delicatessen Shop

The range offered at the spices and delicatessen shop on the square between the Kurpromenade and what is now Corso della Libertà was remarkable, raw coffee could even be purchased by the kilogramme. Apart from varieties as Santos, Java and Costarica, which we still know today, more exotic ones were also included in the permanent range. At the time the varieties were described in a very special manne.

The busy lizzy
The busy lizzy

In the fifties travelling became affordable for a growing number of people, and the mediterranean climate of the town of Merano together with the glorious Alpine scenery attracted an increasing number of visitors to the traditional spa, particularly in the sixties.

The Packaging is Crucial
The Packaging is Crucial

In the middle of the 20th century marketing was still in its infancy, but it was nevertheless already a wellknown fact that attractive packaging contributes to selling a product.

A welcome guest
A welcome guest

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg in 2015 all employees participated in the festivities. A loyal companion of (almost) the first hour was also there.

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