From Specialty Shop to Coffee Specialist

On 6 June 1960 a new, bigger roasting machine was installed in the Meraner Arcades, with which 45 kg coffee could be roasted per batch from now on. This meant that the coffee business could be expanded considerably over the following years.

At the same time Josef Paul Schreyögg decided to clearly reduce the varied food range, to restrict the trade with delicatessen and spirits and to specialise more on roasting coffee. In the seventies Peter Schreyögg’s father first had the courage to shift to the exclusive production of high-quality coffee specialties. With the continuing boom in the seventies Merano benefited from steadily increasing tourism, and the demand for consumer goods in the hotel and restaurant industry rose rapidly. It was one of the declared aims of Coffee Roasting Company Schreyögg to meet this demand: from espresso to filter coffee all coffee specialties conceivable were soon to be offered.

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