Latest Sales Equipment


The price list 1913/14 of Josef Schreyögg’s coffee roasting company advertises its products with the latest technology.

The advantages of the modern “sales equipment” for the storage of roasted coffee are advertised as follows: “1) The salesperson’s hands can never touch the coffee, since this would be unacceptable in terms of both hygiene and aesthetics. Such contact is inevitable with any other sales method. 2) The coffee is almost hermetically sealed in the equipment and protected from the infl uence of atmospheric air. 3) The coffee is removed and excessive amounts which have been removed are returned with the containers closed. 4) Erroneous use of the coffee shovels with other goods, which might exude any odours or fl avours, is impossible, since the shovels are part of the equipment.”
Schreyögg’s Special Blend, which at the time cost 4.40 crowns per kg, is described as a specialty of the house composed with special care, the flavour of which satisfi es even the most demanding palate. Unfortunately the formulation has not been passed down.

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